California Photography in Classic Black and White.

Frank LaHorgue



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"In a civilization severed from its roots in the soil -- cluttered with nonessentials, blinded by abortive desires, the camera can be a way of self-development, a means to rediscover and identify oneself with all manifestation of basic form -- with nature, the source."        -- Edward Weston.

     For me, photography is all about exploring and seeing the world around me and then making images to share with others.  If what I see and print touches others in some positive way, then I feel that I have succeeded in my efforts.

     A life-long resident of California, I began using a 35 mm camera as a high school student.  Over the years, I've used the small camera to record family milestones, and occasionally, landscapes, seascapes and other natural subjects.  Today, I use a large-format view camera and a 50-year-old antique Leica, each with special capabilities.

     I've long admired the work of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Morley Baer and the many other fine California artists who raised the craft of black and white photography to a high art.  Today, we enjoy an astonishing richness of photographers doing stunning work.  Be sure to view some of the fine images that can be seen on the web in the "Photography Links" section on the left.

     Today, some of my work is on display at Mellon Bank in Los Angeles and at the corporate headquarters of Seaview Ventures in San Rafael.  Private collectors in Northern California, Southern California and Britain display my prints.

August 2004  --  "Fort Point Study" chosen for display on
                             www. website.

December 2003  --  "Five Photographers" Gallery show in
                                    Pasadena, California.

November 2003  -- "Buy Fine Art before You Are Sixty"
                                  Gallery  show in San Francisco.