California Photography in Classic Black and White.

Frank LaHorgue



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Prints for Purchase 

     Prints of the images in the gallery section are available for purchase by special order.  Each new print is crafted individually by hand to create what I believe is the best possible new version of the original image.  Mechanical or digital means are not used to mass produce prints, thus each new print is unique.

     I choose a top-quality, double-weight photographic paper that I believe best suits my images.  Only chemicals with archival properties are used in the process and finished prints are dry mounted on archival museum board.  

     The dimensions of prints depends on the size of photo paper used.  At present, prints are made on 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20 inch paper.  Some images are best on smaller paper, others improve in impact when printed in larger sizes.

     The images shown here in the Gallery are small, low-resolution digital versions of actual prints.  Actual prints have much more refined detail and luminance than can be shown on a computer screen.

     If you wish to own any of these images, please send me an email message using the form on the "Contact Frank" link at the left side of any page.